Sat. February 24, 2024

We are elated to announce our new partnership with the Centre of International Contemporary Art! We anticipate this will be the 1st of many exciting events bridging the realms of music and contemporary art and we hope you’ll be in attendance for the 1st edition. 

Join us on Friday, March 8th at CICA Vancouver for a groundbreaking PHYgital experience that merges Ksawery's interactive light art with Khotin's live ambient performance. As a collaboration between CICA Vancouver and UV, this one-of-a-kind event blends the physical and digital realms, creating an immersive atmosphere that transcends traditional performance boundaries.

Come early to socialize and interact with Ksawery's works, followed by the mesmerizing sonic journey of Khotin, the brainchild of Edmonton-based electronic artist Dylan Khotin-Foote. With a decade of genre-bending experimentation under his belt, Khotin's music is a unique blend of warped synth, breakbeats, and piano fused with wistful samples and abstract snippets.

We are elated to be presenting this unforgettable evening bridging the worlds of interactive light art and avant garde electronic music, as you delve into the imaginative world of Ksawery Komputery's artworks while getting lost in the otherworldly sounds of Khotin!

Event Details:

Saturday, March 8, 2024
Doors: 7pm
Show: 8:30pm
228 Abbott Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1C8
19+ Bar Service Provided

Secure tickets through Resident Advisor or directly from CICA’s website

About Khotin:

Khotin is the recording project of Edmonton-based electronic artist Dylan Khotin-Foote. Over the last decade, the producer has drifted freely between genre experiments, every move linked by distinct melodic and impressionistic sensibility. His dance-leaning output, marked by years of involvement in Vancouver's underground landscape, is both offset and informed by a deep interest in downtempo sound, the mood of stillness, the melancholy after the club. A Khotin track has an instantly recognizable swirl: warped synth, breakbeats, and piano mingling with wistful samples, field recordings, and other abstract snippets.

In 2014, Khotin released his debut album on 1080p, followed by a run of 12”s and remixes on labels such as 4AD, DFA, Pacific Rhythm, as well as his own self-release imprints Khotin Industries and Waterpark. Khotin signed to Ghostly International in 2019, giving a wider vinyl release to the previous year's tape, Beautiful You, a nostalgia-nudging study on melody and memory that captivated a cult following and earned a rare 4.5 review in Resident Advisor. His next collection, Finds You Well, further refined the sound, landing in Mixmag's Albums of 2020. With his forthcoming LP, Release Spirit, Khotin releases himself from the pressure of expectation; it finds him freer and more intentional, focusing on tone, pacing, and dynamism, shaping environments from the inside out. A definitive Khotin full-length, out on Ghostly in early 2023.

About Ksawery Komputery:

Ksawery Kirklewski, the pioneering force behind the studio Ksawery Komputery, is a Polish-born artist and creative coder born in 1988. His artistic journey began with a fascination for 'big pixels' and computer science, prompting him to pursue studies in related fields at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland. However, a pivotal moment redirected his focus towards fine art, coding, and graphic design.Ksawery’s artistic practice spans fine art, coding, and graphic design, with a particular emphasis on digital and generative art. His diverse portfolio includes interactive light installations, music videos, generative animations, phygital sculptures, and public space realizations, often leveraging new technologies, programming, and advertising media to craft immersive experiences.Having collaborated with prestigious institutions like Nxt Museum Amsterdam and Khroma Berlin, Ksawery is esteemed for his prowess in coding and crafting interactive installations, generative animations, and phygital sculptures. Notably, he veers away from commercial ventures, prioritizing projects aligned with his artistic vision. Central to Ksawery's work is his exploration of "phygital," a fusion of "physical" and "digital," which underscores the seamless integration of online and offline experiences, emphasizing the convergence of analog and digital worlds. Ksawery Kirklewski remains at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of art and technology, leaving an enduring mark in the realms of generative and net art.

About CICA Vancouver:

The Vancouver Centre of International Contemporary Art (CICA) is a non-profit, BIPOC led and community-based multidisciplinary art organization registered and established in British Columbia, Canada, in 2021. CICA Vancouver dedicates its space and resources for three to four seasonal exhibitions and special exhibition programs every year. The seasonal exhibitions aim to bring international artists’ works to the city, to showcase their artistic practices, and to introduce diverse perspectives that are meaningful, impactful, and inspiring. Special exhibition programs are designed to bring even more variety of art into the CICA space – including featuring BC-based immigrant artists - and make it a choice destination for artistic learning and aesthetic experience for diverse audiences of all ages.

In the last two years, CICA Vancouver has showcased the works of brilliant artists, including Javier Calleja, Andrea Joyce Heimer, Tania Marmolejo, Amir H Fallah, George Condo, Rashid Johnson, Derek Fordjour, Hernan Bas, Austin Lee, Hajime Sorayama, and James Turrell. Notably, several of these artists had not previously exhibited their work in Canada, making CICA elated to have provided a platform for their premier showcase in Vancouver.

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