Fri. Feb 19, 2021

[00:00:00] Daft Punk - Da Funk [EMI]
[00:02:47] DBX - And There Ain't (Surprise Mix)
[00:03:39] Green Velvet - Preacher Man
[00:08:55] Dirty House Crew - Groovin'
[00:12:08] Full Intention - Dancin' All Night
[00:15:29] Quakerman - Schlamm Me
[00:19:00] Cajmere - Horny (Horny Toad Mix)
[00:22:41] Roy Davis Jr. - Electrical Problems
[00:27:00] Baby Pop - Wicki Stik
[00:30:13] ?
[00:32:36] Lemon 8 - Model 8 (Lemon 8 Remix)
[00:37:03] Sharkimaxx - Clashback (Demented Aphrohead Mix) [Soma - DA 951]
[00:41:26] Green Velvet - Flash
[00:47:18] Todd Terry - Jumpin' (? Remix)
[00:49:16] Scott Kinchen - Breakdown (Phuckin Hard Mix)
[00:50:18] Thomas Bangalter - Ventura
[00:53:05] Kenlou 2 - The Bounce
[00:55:19] DJ Sneak - Disco Erotica
[01:00:26] Audio Clash - Live And Die (Wild Pitch Mix)
[01:03:40] DJ Sneak - Show Me The Way
[01:07:00] The Micronauts - Get Funky Get Down (Daft Punk Remix) [Micronautics - TIC 12]
[01:09:54] ?
[01:13:14] Armand Van Helden - Donkey
[01:15:39] DJ Joe Lewis - Liquid, Liquid [Domina Traxxx - DMX 007]
[01:17:46] LFO Versus F.U.S.E. - Loop (FUSE Mix)
[01:22:22] Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
[01:25:25] Robert Armani - Fire Alarm [ACV Alternative Current]
[01:27:22] Fingers Inc. Feat. Chuck Roberts - My House (Acapella)
[01:28:19] Jose 2 Hype - 2 Hype (Tools 5) [2 Hype - 2HR-028]
[01:32:58] Jack Da Ripper - Jack's Back
[01:35:50] X-Press 2 - Muzik-X-Press
[01:41:42] Chubby Chunks - Testament One [Mostiko - 232340]
[01:44:35] Daft Punk - Rollin' & Scratchin'
[01:49:02] Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707
[01:52:30] Daft Punk - Alive
[01:55:13] Steve Bicknell - Flame In Darkness (Lords Of Afford Remix)
[01:57:16] DJ Hell - Hot On The Heels Of Love (Dave Clarke Remix)
[02:00:15] Laurent Garnier - Astral Dreams (Speakers Mix) [F Communications - F274 DA]
[02:04:20] Lil' Louis - French Kiss
[02:07:12] Jeff Mills - In The Bush
[02:09:56] Motorbass - Home
[02:11:52] Inner City - Ahnonghay (Dave Clarke Remix)
[02:14:46] Fade II Black - In Sync
[02:17:20] Thomas Bangalter - Outrun
[02:20:15] DJ Deeon - Sex Part 1
[02:22:50] Thomas Bangalter - What To Do
[02:26:34] Armando - Trance Dance
[02:30:30] Ruffneck - Everybody Be Somebody (MAW Style Mix)
[02:36:58] DJ Sneak - Tribal Sex
[02:40:36] ?
[02:43:06] DJ Sneak - Wanna Sing
[02:46:20] DJ Sneak - Love
[02:51:02] The Lords Of Octagon - Open Da House (Noisemakers Remix-Long Vox Version)

Translated from French to English via https://www.konbini.com/fr/musique/daft-punk-un-dj-set-inedit-de-3-h-est-en-ecoute-25-ans-apres-son-enregistrement/

Two old cassettes from 1995 accumulating nearly three hours of unpublished sound were found in a former club in Avignon.

For those who are waiting for the return of the evenings and the reopening of nightclubs, we have found something to make you (a little) wait. A completely new DJ set from the inimitable Daft Punk has just been found and put online. Recorded on two cassettes during the band's visit to a club in Avignon in November 1995, the mix has just resurfaced.

As he reveals to us himself, it was Benoît, the son of the former owner of the Le Privé club who, while digging through his father's belongings, came across this fabulous find.

"My father Georges always told me about a tape recording of Daft Punk at the club, without ever being able to get hold of it for 15 years. We thought they were lost. But last week, while cleaning up, I I came across a box full of cassettes. When I took them out of the cases, I saw that one had a 'Daft Punk # 1' label on it, then I pulled everything out and found the second. "

These audio archives were recorded on November 18, 1995, when Daft Punk first came to this legendary club in the 1990s. It was 2 hours 55 minutes of mix that was discovered by Benoît a few days ago. "According to my quick research on the mixesdb.com database, it's the longest Daft DJ set ever recorded, between 1995 and 2000 anyway, I didn't look any further," says he does.

Passionate about electronic music, the son of the former owner of the Privé considers the sound exceptional: "It is one of the most techno sets they have done, most of them were more house oriented." According to him, we can hear some of the band's tracks never recorded on a set, like their remix of "Get Funky Get Down" by The Micronauts. "It is also the second time that they play 'What to Do' by Thomas Bangalter," he says.

Only 1 year old at the time, Benoît does not remember that evening. His father Georges tells us: "Thomas and Guy Manuel were in my office, sitting waiting for their turn, very nice, very good boys. Guy Man was not very talkative. It was one of the evenings that marked the history of Le Privé. . Back then, you'd hear about them with 'Rollin' and Scratchin '. "

"It was the resident DJ at the time who recorded the cassettes, I contacted him but without a response. He is no longer in the business today", explains Benoît. But another DJ who worked for the club remembers this moment:
"The loud, high pitched sound, the people dancing and screaming all night long, the bass echoing through your body… The club was screened in and the vibe was hot like many parties back then."