Tues. June 7, 2022

Somebody stop us! The announcements just keep rolling in.. hopefully you don’t mind! Peculiarly named, UK based producer Ross From Friends makes his way back to Vancouver, full band in tow, to perform a very special show at Fortune Sound Club on Weds. September 21st.

Although we were originally up on his output via his releases on Lone’s Magicwire imprint (among others), it’s been his exceptional output on FlyLo’s Brainfeeder imprint - specifically his albums “Family Portrait” & most recently “Tread” - that have really illuminated his depth as a producer and musician.

“First emerging onto the scene with his woozy, nostalgic, and synth-pumped sounds taken from euphoric 80s house and reworked into a new form of electronic music, Ross From Friends led the lo-fi charge. It all began in 2017 for the producer - real name Felix Clary Weatherall - who ran with the likes of DJ Seinfeld, Mall Grab, and DJ Boring, transforming lo-fi from a fad-inclined microgenre to a fully realised dance music phenomenon. Still riding from the success of his 2018 debut 'Family Portrait', Weatherall has returned full-force with a brand new sound, full of retrospection, heady melody and just a hint of that deconstructed dance sound that made him a household name.

Previously appearing on labels like Distant Hawaii and Haider’s Breaker Breaker, on top of a selection of EPs released amongst Lobster Theremin’s tight-knit circle, the influential producer returns to the loving arms of Flying Lotus, whose imprint Weatherall previously released on back in the lo-fi heyday. ‘Tread’, the second record coming under Wetherall’s Ross From Friends moniker, is out now via Brainfeeder.” - Mixmag

& yes, Ross From Friends has been here before! We hosted him (with band) at Celebrities Underground (currently now known as Village Studios). Check out the lovely flyer from our man Slim Media Player: