Tues. April 19, 2022

Hi there! Coming to you with a lovely update today.vOur beloved Jayda G returns to Vancouver on Saturday, May 21st at the newly reimagined space called Village Studios. Previously known as Celebrities Underground, the space has received a total overhaul with the addition of a recording studio, all new lighting and a beautifully tuned Funktion-One sound system. The space is looking and feeling absolutely stunning and we can't wait for you to see it. Tickets are now on sale:

“Nominated for a Grammy award for Best Dance Recording for her track Both of Us, Jayda G’s success has been on a rapid upward trajectory since the release of her debut album on in 2019. For Jayda Guy – DJ, producer, and environmental toxicologist – the beauty of art and creating music rests in being centred within yourself and making it about whatever you want. This is channelled through her carefully curated sets, and after completing her master's degree a few years back, Guy has deployed the knowledge she accumulated to present a message within her music: caring for our planet.” - Read the full interview from Metal Magazine

Check out some of the past party flyers from events we’ve done with our dear Jayda: