Tues. February 7th, 2022

DJ Express checking in here! I’m excited to announce that I’ll be supporting the legendary Derrick Carter at Village Studios in Vancouver on Saturday, March 4th.

A longtime admirer of his mixes and DJing style, I finally had a chance to catch him play open-to-close at the likewise legendary Smart Bar in Chicago, and suffice to say seeing him on his hometurf, holding down his superstar residency was a pretty rapturous experience. We rolled in precisely around 10pm opening door time & pretty much from then onward it was a full on clinic of peak time, Chicago House presented in a way that felt like I was a student attending my 1st day of DJ School. Truly inspiring.

Back in 1995, Derrick did this really indepth and thorough interview that was reposted by Red Bull Music Academy called “The Rise & Fall of Early Chicago House” that’s an absolute must read.

Another cool bit of DC related musical ephemera - in 1988 Derrick, fellow DJ/producer Mark Farina, and friend Chris Nazuka released an EP on Kevin Saunderson’s label KMS REcords as the group “Symbols & Instruments” and it’s a beautiful slab of ambient house:

>>Get tickets to catch Derrick Carter & DJ Express at Village Studios on Saturday, March 4th right here<<